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MANDATORY PARENT/PLAYER MEETING IS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22 AT 6 PM AT REEDS SPRING INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL COMMONS AREA Please remember to bring basketball schedules or any other schedules that may cause conflicts when deciding on tournaments, practices, etc. Online Registration for Juniors go to - Go under hot topics on the left side and click on tab HAI (Individual Info) Here you must fill out and print the Individual Membership Form and Medical Release Form. If you are not able to print, please email your completed forms to me before the meeting on Monday, November 22 and I will print them for you so you can sign them. All Juniors who want to participate in club volleyball this season will have to go through the HAI Online registration process. Go under "Hot Topics" to "HAI (Indv Info)" and either find your information from last year or enter your information if you are new this year. Once all your info is there, print off the "Individual Membership Form", to give to the club that you are going to play for. For ages 10 and under the teams the down payment due on Monday, November 22 is $75 per player. 11's and up a $200 payment is due on Monday, November, 22 at the parent/player meeting. The Board of Directors is still trying to pan out a few things so the final fees are not quite decided. We are still waiting on uniform pricing, gym space/rental and a few other things. Hopefully, Monday we will know more.


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Anyone interested in playing for the 15s and up ages for club volleyball and plan on attending tryouts on Sunday, Nov. 14, please send me an email with your name and age group: so I can get you pre-registered and we can speed up the registration process.




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OPEN GYM at Reeds Spring Intermediate for ages 15 and up, who are interested in playing club volleyball on Thursday, November 11, from 7-9 pm.Cost is $5


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10s -12s - 4-6 pm at Reeds Spring Intermediate School - Sunday, November 7

13s & 14s - 6-8 pm at Reeds Spring Intermediate School - Sunday, November 7

15s & 16s - 5-7 pm at Reeds Spring Intermediate School - Sunday, November 14

17s & 18s - 2-4 pm at Reeds Spring Intermediate School - Sunday, November 14

Please bring to tryouts all completed forms listed below and make sure that all areas of the forms are completed. (Individual Membership Form, Tryout Insurance Form, Medical Release Form and The CORe VBC player information sheet). There is a $10 non-refundable fee due at tryouts. Players will be notified at the end of tryouts which team they are being considered for. Positions, especially for the younger ages, are subject to change. After the initial tryout, a player has until 4:00 p.m. of the following Monday after tryouts to accept a position that has been offered. If after tryouts you are happy with your assignment you may accept and make the required down payment at that time. Please understand under HOA and USA Volleyball guidelines if you accept the position offered you cannot attend any other club tryouts. You must notify Nikki Krier by email at by 4:00 p.m. that you intend to accept the position.

You must register online. The online registration part for junior players is now available. Go to the HOA website -  Go under "Hot Topics" and select "Manage Indv Info" Everybody using this for the first time, select "Add New Indv Info" and enter your registration information (there is no data from last year that the system can find). Once you have entered your info, click "Add". Now you will be able to print off your "Tryout Insurance Form" (sign and take a copy to all tryouts you attend) and the "Individual Registration Form" (sign and submit to the club you are going to play for). Individual Membership Form (2 pages)-  Tryout Insurance Form  Medical Release Form  The CORe VBC Player Information Sheet 

Parents/Players/Coaches Meeting This is a mandatory meeting before players can practice. Please make every effort to attend the scheduled meeting as there are not any make-up meetings scheduled. At least one parent must attend this meeting and all players are required to attend. Date: Monday, November 22, 2010 Location: Reeds Spring Intermediate School (tentative) Time: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

CLUB FEES - Payment Schedule •The CORe VBC will be offering a 10s team this year. The Youth Member Club fees will be approximately $150-$250 for the season. Youth will have 12 weeks of practices at approximately 1.5 hours per week and will participate in 2 events during the 12 week session. • Club fees for The CORe VBC 12 and up players include Individual Memberships for every player, Coaches Membership, IMPACT Certifications and Background Checks, Parent Representatives Memberships, Coaches Practice and Tournament Stipeneds, 6 Tournament Entry Fees, Uniforms, Equipment and other miscellaneous expenses, Refree and Scorekeeping Clinics. • The fees for 12s and up will range between $450-$650 per player. Please remember these are estimates and could vary a bit depending on how many players that there are per team. Club fees will be provided by at Mandatory Parent/Player Meeting.

Director: Nikki Krier - 417-300-9300 Board Members, Coaches, etc affiliated with The CORe VBC include: Shelby Tracy, Sydney Calzaretta, Matt & Nettie Greenwalt, Sandra Hill, Denny & Carie Routh, Melissa Mease, Karen & Reggie Goodin, Cara Simone, etc Also become a fan of The CORe VBC on FaceBook!


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Tryout Dates - - - updated 2010-07-23 12:28 The first allowed dates for the 2010-11 tryouts are Saturday, November 6 for age groups 14 and younger and Saturday, November 13 for the age groups 15 and older.


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Updated Open Gym Policy - - - updated 2010-08-09 10:32 The HOA board has decided that Open gyms in 2010 will be allowed for a short period before the tryout dates. For the age groups 14 and younger, Open Gyms can start on October 24. For age groups 15 and above, Open Gyms can start on November 7. Clubs can only run one Open Gym per week for each age group. The maximum duration of an Open Gym is 2 hours. Clubs must have their Open Gyms sanctioned by HOA. Contact the HOA office to get Open Gyms approved. Unsanctioned Open Gyms by clubs are not allowed.


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HOA on Facebook and Twitter - - - updated 2010-06-28 17:15 HOA is now also on Facebook and Twitter. Check us out on Facebook under Heart of America Region Volleyball and on Twitter under HOAVB.


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Recruiting restrictions updated 2010-06-16 15:22 A letter has been mailed to all club directors with some pertinent information on recruiting, new presidents day event and USA Volleyball fee increase. Click on Read More to see the content of the letter. Dear Club Rep,

We hope that you are enjoying your summer and have a chance to take a little bit time off from volleyball. However, the game is never very far from our minds and we would like to bring a few things to your attention.

As decided in last year’s juniors club director meeting and confirmed by the HOA board; there is a no-recruitment period in effect for all members until the expiration of the 2009-10 membership, which is. September 1. Until then, members remain part of their club unless a formal transfer takes place. 

This means that up till September 1, 2010 no recruitment activities (including sanctioned or unsanctioned Open Gyms) by any club are allowed. Clubs can develop activities for their own members only, but not for members of other clubs. Coaches are allowed to do private lessons with players from other clubs if solicited by the player/parents. Private lessons are restricted to a maximum of 3 players per session.

Other activities developed by clubs in the period before September 1, involving players from other clubs, need written approval from the HOA office and cannot be for recruitment purposes.

The annual Junior Club Rep meeting will be held on Sunday, August 8 at 10 am at the HOA office. At this meeting a proposal to disallow any Open Gyms in the Kansas City area will be discussed and brought to the HOA board for approval. 
Also, some proposals for the 2011-12 season will be discussed, including having an early tryout period in mid-July, followed by a quiet period until November.

The first days of allowed tryouts for the 2010-11 season are Saturday, November 6 for the age divisions 14 and younger and Saturday, November 13 for the age groups 15 and older.

The bad news for the upcoming season is that USA Volleyball has increased its registration fees $10 per member. This will result in a $50 registration fee for HOA members. We would like to point out that none of this increase will go to the region. Taking into account that we do not have team or club fees and only charge $10 per background screen where many regions charge $20, our region fees will remain among the lowest in the country.

We also want to bring to your attention that HOA is starting a new event. On February 19, 20 and 21 (presidents day) we will run a three-day tournament at the Kansas City Convention Center. The fee for this event will be around $500 per team and we will not charge at the door. Early registration will start mid-July so teams can secure a spot into the tournament, pending the completion of the registration process. Several of the top HOA clubs have already verbally committed and will be playing in the tournament. We expect to have between 200 and 300 teams the first year. More details will be posted on HOA website in the next few months.

Have a great summer and we will see you all again soon.

HOA Staff

Recruitment - - - updated 2010-07-21 09:28 Another clarification on recruitment! Until September 1, all players are still a member of the club they played with the past season. Clubs can talk with the players that are member of their club about the upcoming season. Clubs (including coaches, parents etc.) cannot talk with players from other clubs about joining their club. PARENTS: DO NOT CONTACT OTHER CLUBS UNTIL SEPTEMBER 1. If parents contact clubs with questions, refer those parents to your website for information on tryouts, club info etc. and tell them that they are not to contact clubs/coaches. THE INTEND OF THE RULES ARE CLEAR! CLUBS AND INDIVIDUALS HAVE TO STOP TRYING TO GET AN ADVANTAGE OVER OTHERS! IT IS UNETHICAL AND NOT THE LESSON WE WANT TO TEACH THE KIDS INVOLVED IN THE SPORT.